Sunday, February 12, 2012

Film Fest Closes Sinulog 2012

Sinulog’s month long festivity closes with a delicious spectacle that is Sinulog Short and Documentary Film Festival.  This accolade, I must say, does not apply to last year’s where the entries were quite so-so, current entries I have yet to see as they were not included in the screening, and the previous years’ entries I have not witnessed. Yes, this year’s entries included in the public screening are nothing short of being superb and excellent as they showcased what Cebuano film makers have gained from the proliferation of film schools in the region (e.g. The International Academy of Film and Television in Mactan, University of San Carlos’ BFA Cinema Program), a bevy of local indie film showings (almost monthly!) and not to mention the inspiration gained from Cebuano filmmakers winning awards and honors here and abroad led by Remton Siega Zuasolam.